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SPROXXY Launches New Platform to Bring AI Smarts to Event Management

AI Innovations Advance ROI for Conference Planners

Feb 29, 2024


On February 20, SPROXXY launched its conference intelligence platform, SPROXXY AI with an exclusive feature in TechCrunch. SPROXXY is bringing together tools for conference discovery, event preparation, and measurement. The platform gives its customers visibility into the ROI each conference has to offer, as well as how they’re performing with respect to KPIs. 

SPROXXY AI is the conference intelligence platform that ensures every engagement delivers meaningful business impact. 

Melanie Samba, founder and CEO of SPROXXY and 20-year veteran in marketing and communications developed SPROXXY after experiencing the problem of managing conference activity for Fortune 500 companies using excel spreadsheets first hand. 

Melanie Samba, CEO and Founder, SPROXXY
Melanie Samba, CEO and Founder, SPROXXY

“We’re positioned as a conference intelligence platform. And what we’re doing is quantifying conference activity. So we help brands prove the business impact of them participating at conferences and knowing the ROI or value of speaking, sponsoring and attending an industry event,” says Samba. 

SPROXXY closed out last year announcing the pre-sales of SPROXXY AI on the main stage at Web Summit on opening night in front of a live audience of 17,000 people.  From that announcement, SPROXXY has sustained momentum, with a steady cadence of website visitors and demo requests, and with interest from companies like Bristol Myers Squibb, FleishmanHillard and Citibank.  

To date, SPROXXY has raised 1.1m from angels and VCs like Ivy Ventures and Solidea Capital. "Having had experience with corporate conference planning and spending I understood the problem and the size of the market that Sproxxy was addressing.  I also understood how their solution would benefit their customers.   I was impressed with Melanie as an entrepreneur and the talent she brought to the company, " states Sig Mosley, angel investor. SPROXXY is hoping to close the remainder of their 1.8m round now. 

“Sproxxy offers the solutions I needed as a PR & Communications lead managing top-tier events for our C-Suite. It provided something other platforms often left out - the capability to demonstrate ROI for our financial and resource investments. As a client, I know first-hand the value of Sproxxy to our healthcare industry, and thus I immediately jumped on the opportunity to invest because the strategic vision and direction of the company provides the conference intelligence solution for now and the future," says Lucy Abreu, an angel investor in SPROXXY.

You can read more about SPROXXY in TechCrunch and sign up for a demo of the platform to be a part of the SPROXXY journey today!

Sproxxy AI

Melanie Samba, CEO of Sproxxy, is a Featured Founder of the recent New York Creating Conscious Collisions Road Show.

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