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The Impact of Your Contribution

Diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial sector has always played a vital role in driving innovative solutions in the business community. And now, you can play a critical role in closing the gaps in funding and educational resources that are needed to support women of color businesses. Your donation will not only help us to change the conversation, but to “change the game” by assisting women of color entrepreneurs with overcoming the many challenges they face with accessing essentials like business planning solutions, insights for scaling their operations, understanding debt vs. equity funding solutions and tapping into all sorts of investors and financial institutions.

Help Us Change The Life of An Entrepreneur, One Woman of Color Entrepreneur At A Time!

Here's what your dollars will do:

Provide Educational Solutions by…

  • Helping diverse women to attend our annual conferences filled with powerful insights on how to grow, scale and even exit their businesses.

  • Helping us to host educational webinars, spotlighting expert speakers across a variety of disciplines that can assist WOC entrepreneurs with making better business decisions

Open the Doors to Capital by...

  • Helping us to facilitate connections between women of color business owners and real investors who can add capital to their organizations

  • Allowing us to cultivate our Black Angel Investors program that aligns their interests with the interests of our diverse entrepreneurs

Provide Critical Business Resources by...

  • Allowing us to deliver strategy development tools and crisis planning solutions for women of color entrepreneurs

  • Offering tools and services that will assist 10 Women of Color entrepreneurs reach $1 million in revenue within the next 2 years

  • Empowering us to offer 12-month action plans and even FREE administrative support hours to some of our growing women of color entrepreneurs


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