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Success Circles

Small Business Capacity-Building Powered by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Surrounding entrepreneurs with the resources to advance

Success Circles Philosophy

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Women of Color are starting businesses at higher rates than anyone else, yet they get less capital, have fewer successful exits, and produce less income for owners. It's time for this to change. Access to capital is a legacy challenge with roots deep in our American history. While there have been innovative capital solutions in recent years, capital constraint remains a defining problem for the majority of Women of Color entrepreneurs. It's time we attack this problem from a different angle. We can share our expertise to help fill knowledge gaps, we can roll up our sleeves to help get things done, and we can consciously create the connections that open doors to opportunity. Let's not just talk about wanting to help; let's be the help that Women of Color entrepreneurs need to succeed. It's time to change the way we do business together.

Jill Johnson

CEO/Small Business Champion

For Founders & Entrepreneurs
About the Program



  • Woman of Color Business Owner/Entrepreneur/Founder

  •  Evidence of traction

  • Full-time in your business

  • Minimum of 1 year in business

  • Based in the United States

Evaluation Criteria


  • Coach-ability

  • Ability to benefit from capacity-building resources

  • Potential for significant growth

We will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.



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How it Works


Complete an application

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Begin Work

You and your team create a work plan and get to work!

Become a Volunteer Partner
A Skills-Based Volunteerism Opportunity for Professionals

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A Success Circles Team
Helps Founders & Entrepreneurs:

Penetrate networks of influence

Develop a community of support

Strengthen your business foundation

Connect with investors and capital providers


What It Means to Have a Success Circle

Meet Adrienne Fudge of 40 Dreams Catering and
Lauren Washington of

Success Circles Application
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