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Investor Inclusion Programming

Creating Connections. Changing Mindsets. Inspiring Action.

Our work centers on helping a growing community of capital providers, including angel investors, CDFI leaders, venture capitalists, other allies, and entrepreneurs make connections and change mindsets to encourage action toward eradicating the systemic barriers facing Women of Color entrepreneurs.

Increasing Capital Access Through Systemic Change

Our work centers on helping those from historically excluded communities understand the critical role that angel investing plays in opening doors for entrepreneurs of color. Through this work, we are addressing the systemic problem of relationship capital issue by increasing the number of capital providers that we can introduce to companies in our ecosystem.


Investor Inclusion Programming

Our Investor Inclusion programming includes:

The Making of Black Angels

An awareness-building program that provides individuals with an overview of angel investing.

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Pipeline Angels

Pipeline Angels is our signature program for women and femme investors, comprising a 3-day virtual boot camp and a multi-month process that walks participants through making their first angel investment. 

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Capital Connections Programming

Our Capital Connection Programming includes our Capital Catalyst Initiative and our Founder Showcase series.


The Capital Catalyst Initiative is an innovative pilot program that enables us to catalyze additional capital by lending charitable funds on crowdfunding platforms. By committing 50% of a company’s loan request, this innovative model has accelerated funding for companies we have selected.


Our Founder Showcase allows business owners to present their companies to targeted communities of capital providers, including angel investors, accredited investors, and CDFIs, based on the types of funding sought, such as debt funding, or equity funding.


Through the Capital Catalyst Initiative and the various Founder Showcase events, we aim to leverage group relationship capital to accelerate the process of funding for companies we serve.

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Creating Connections. Changing Mindset. Inspiring Action.

Connect with Our Capital Access Team

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Meet Diedre Windsor 

Inspiring Action


Diedre Windsor, a veteran of the U.S. military and president and CEO of the Windsor Group LLC, a professional services company based in Chevy Chase, Maryland recalls her own challenges while growing a now 60-employee company, discovered an impactful way to help business owners in need of start-up funding through IFEL programming. Windsor joined the WOCCON community as a featured speaker at the Women of Color Connecting (WOCCON) Summit in 2021. A year later, while attending the WOCCON Road Show event in Washington, DC. Windsor decided to take action to support founders by becoming a donor to the Capital Catalyst Initiative, noting that giving back to the community and supporting other women of color and veterans as one of her most important goals. Ms. Windsor noted, “It’s true what they say that you almost need to already have money to start a business. I recognize how important it is to get that early capital.”

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