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The WOCCON Summit is an invitation-only convening for investors, allies, and policymakers who want to deepen their understanding of the problems with the system that continues to keep women of color entrepreneurs locked out. The Summit will share stories about the unique entrepreneurial journey of women of color, facilitate honest conversations about allyship, and propose solutions that can lead to systemic change.


Our goal is to help attendees find a path to taking action to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.  View WOCCON 2023 Agenda

Who Should Attend WOCCON 2023?

  • Women of Color entrepreneurs who can demonstrate business traction and a scalable trajectory

  • Angel and VC investors looking for opportunities

  • DEI allies who want to become change agents

  • Advocates for women of color ready to make a difference


Capital constraints continue to be a defining problem for the majority of women of color entrepreneurs. We are attacking this problem from a different angle by engaging the vast IFEL network to use their expertise and relationships to get more women of color on the grow-scale-exit trajectory to building wealth through entrepreneurship.

WOCCON Gems From Past Summits

Now, in it's 5th year, the Women of Color Connecting Summit has been a springboard for discussion, awareness, action to help open doors for women of color entrepreneurs and founders.

View WOCCON 2023 Agenda

How is WOCCON Different?

  • We shine a spotlight on the real issues that women of color business owners face

  • We provide a safe space for authentic conversations and honest dialogue

  • We facilitate organic relationship development that can lead to mutual benefit

  • This event brings together the positive energy needed to propel a movement

  • You will leave with an opportunity to be the change that you say that you want to see

  • We will provide opportunities over the next year to get involved and share your work

Women of Color Connecting Summit 

Be the change. Make a difference.

Supporting Organizations
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Can't attend but want to support the WOCCON movement? Make a donation >>

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