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Let's Close the Opportunity Gap for Women of Color Entrepreneurs


Hear how WOCCON is making a difference:


Since 2002, the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL), a nonprofit based in Newark, NJ, has been helping entrepreneurs connect with the knowledge, networks, and capital necessary for success to be possible. In February 2019, we launched the Women of Color Connecting initiative to help Women of Color entrepreneurs who have the potential to grow, scale, and exit to leverage the power of social capital. Our efforts focus on bridging the relationship divide between Women of Color entrepreneurs and those in positions to facilitate opportunities for meaningful and sustainable business growth. To date, we have aggregated over $1,000,000 worth of volunteer time to support this initiative.


As we dug deeper into the issues related to the lack of access to capital for Women of Color entrepreneurs, we realized that the lack of venture capital received by this group is directly related to the limited capital available to these businesses at inception and in the earliest stages.  We launched The Making of Black Angels to increase the number of angel investors within the black community. 

Our vision for this movement is bold and ambitious. We appreciate our supporters who understand the need to change the narrative for Women of Color entrepreneurs. 

Please give generously to enable this important work to continue. Let's change the way we do business together!