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Become a Capital Catalyst Donor to help close the funding gap for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

Access to capital continues to be the most significant barrier to growth for women of color entrepreneurs. We have recently launched the WOCCON Capital Access Accelerator to help more WOCCON entrepreneurs get the capital they need faster. Funds raised will enable us to help entrepreneurs secure funding from CDFIs, banks, and individual investors. We match every dollar donated with a dollar of capital invested.

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A Donor's Story: Why I Gave to the Capital Catalyst Initiative

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It’s true what they say. You need to already have money to start a business. I recognize how important it is to get that early capital, recalls Diedre, a contributor to WOCCON.

Diedre Windsor, President, Windsor Group LLC


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I do not know of any other programs that take a holistic approach to helping business owners succeed. WOCCON transformed me from just an owner/operator to a CEO.

Adrienne Fudge, CEO 
40 Dreams Catering

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