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Creating Conscious Collisions
Ten-City National Road Show Tour Underway

Changing Business As Usual

We are engaging the vast IFEL network to use their expertise and relationships to get more women of color on the grow-scale-exit trajectory to building wealth through entrepreneurship.


Capital constraint remains a defining problem for the majority of Women of Color entrepreneurs. Our work centers on eradicating this issue from a different angle.

While a growing number of Black and Latinx women-led startups crossing the $1MM threshold, the majority of Black and Latinx women-led startups raise significantly less than the average funded startup. For those who have not raised over $1MM, the median seed round raised by Black women founders is $125,000 and the median seed round raised by Latinx women founders is $200,000. As of 2020, the national median seed round funding for a startup is $2.5M. ProjectDiane2020.  Read the report >>

Our Events & Programs

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Annual Summit

A virtual meeting that brings together entrepreneurs, allies, and thought leaders to explore ways to help women of color advance on the grow-scale-exit trajectory.

WOCCON Road Show

Creating Conscious Collisions

These invitation-only gatherings are designed to create connections for women of color entrepreneurs and inspire action among allies and investors--fostering a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

What We Do

Cultivate connections.

We introduce people whose paths would not likely cross.


Change mindsets. 

We create safe spaces to engage in honest diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations.


Inspire action. 

We provide opportunities for action to eradicate systemic exclusion.


Apply for WOCCON Success Circles

We are looking for amazing entrepreneurs who want to grow, scale, and create wealth through business ownership...who also identify as women of color.

Be An Agent of Change

It’s not the overtly racist or bigoted people who openly seek to oppress others that are the biggest problem. Polite society finds them and over time roots them out. It’s the well-intentioned people who say that they care about diversity and inclusion, fairness, equity, and equality but who are not active in and mindful about changing “business as usual” who are the real problem. Those who talk about the right thing yet do little to effect change. Those who allow the wrong thing to continue to happen. We all know that the status quo isn't good enough. What are we going to do to change it?

Join us to create a new paradigm. Join us to share your insights. Join us to be part of the change we need to help more Women of Color entrepreneurs succeed. 

Support the Movement

Just because you aren't an angel or VC investor doesn't mean you can't help us address the access to capital challenge experienced by so many Women of Color entrepreneurs. Using your professional skills, you can help a Woman of Color entrepreneur grow, scale and get to the next level.  

Thank You To Our WOCCON Sponsors:

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Women of Color Connecting Leadership Council

Toyin Ajayi

Jacqueline Allen

Janelle Benjamin

Bonnie Carter

Majora Carter

Tara Carter

Jacalyn Champion

Beth Colt

Cynthia Crossley

Nana Duncan

Bruce Eckfeldt

Stephanie Fowler

Twyla Garrett

Mary Giovinazzo

Annie Godfrey

Jeff Hamer

Marlissa Hudson

Deborah Jackson

Jan Johnson
Lynn Loacker

Kay Lucas

Kristin McDonough


Clarence McGann

Vishal Muni

Gina Nisbeth

Avis Yates Rivers

Gillian Sargeant-Allen

Lynn Selassie

Monica Slater Stokes

Seble Tareke-Williams

Peggy Wallace

Sandi Webster


Donate to Support the Mission

Women of Color Connecting builds a bridge between Women of Color entrepreneurs and those in positions to open doors. We call on our allies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to stand with us and more importantly to stand in for us. Together we can make a difference.

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