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Take Action

Creating Connections. Changing Mindsets. Inspiring Action.

What we believe...

Allyship requires a mindset shift coupled with informed action.


Systemic problems necessitate systemic solutions and collaboration.


Intentionality is essential to inclusion.

“Founders of all backgrounds should have an equal opportunity to succeed or fail.“The problem isn’t failure itself—that’s just part of being an entrepreneur. The problem is that some people are being relegated to failure from the beginning, and never get that same opportunity for success.”

Our work centers on helping a growing community of capital providers, including angel investors, CDFI leaders, venture capitalists, other allies, and entrepreneurs make connections and change mindsets to encourage action toward eradicating the systemic barriers facing Women of Color entrepreneurs.

Women of Color Connecting

Capital constraint remains a defining problem for the majority of Women of Color entrepreneurs. Our work centers on eradicating this issue from a different angle. We are engaging the vast IFEL network to increase access to  expertise, relationships, and capital get to more women of color on the grow-scale-exit trajectory.

Learn more about our WOCCON programming. 

  • Annual WOCCON Summit

  • WOCCON Road Show

  • Success Circles


Investor Inclusion Programming

Our Investor Inclusion programming includes:

The Making of Black Angels

An awareness-building program that provides individuals with an overview of angel investing.

Learn more


Pipeline Angels

Our signature program for women and femme investors, comprises a 3-day virtual boot camp and a multi-month process that walks participants through making their first angel investment. 

Learn more 

Building Capacity for Entrepreneurial Leaders

Skills-Based Volunteerism Programming

Experience the transformative power of our Success Circles model, where relationships drive growth and capacity-building for businesses, alongside inclusive volunteer opportunities. We meet business owners where they are in order to move them farther. Benefit from win-win high-touch experiences offering entrepreneurs critical support in various areas, including legal reviews, social media marketing, website reviews, business operations, financial projections, and more. Engage in skills-based volunteerism through turnkey virtual and in-person events, alongside corporate partners and individuals alike. 

We invite corporate partners and individual professionals to learn more.

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A business meeting

Programming for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a vision and a passion; but many lack the capital to keep a business going long enough to turn a profit. Our programming for entrepreneurs helps to build capacity and increase access to capital.


Annually, we work to help businesses owners get to the next level. We work with more than 6,400 businesses ranging from small businesses to founders on the grow-scale-exit foundation through a myriad of services and programs. We believe that growth and success happens when businesses have a solid foundation in five fundamental areas. 


  • Legal Review

  • Marketing

  • Business Operations

  • Financial Projections

  • Business Planning

Open Doors for Founders through Relationship Capital Connection Programming

Our Creating Conscious Collisions Road Show features outstanding entrepreneurs and founders from a wide variety of industries.  We encourage allies and champions to learn more about each and to take action to open doors by creating connections.  Explore how you can support these founders. 


Watch |  See the difference corporate volunteers are making...


Creating Connections. Changing Mindset. Inspiring Action.

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